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Which one of the following is major disadvantage of Rickerts sealer:


1 ) Staining of teeth
2 ) Poor lubrication
3 ) Non-biocompatible
4 ) No germicidal activity


Rickert's sealer:

Rickert's sealer also known as Kerr pulp canal sealer developed in the year 1931 by the scientist Rickerts as an alternative to chlorpercha. It is an example of a zinc oxide eugenol based sealer. It comes in the powder liquid form. Following is the composition of Rickert's sealer:

Composition of Rickert's sealer: 



Zinc oxide - 41.21 parts Oil of cloves - 78 parts
Precipitated silver  - 30 parts  Canada balsam - 22 parts
White resin - 16 parts  
Thymol iodide - 12.79 parts  

Indications of Rickert's sealer:

1. Vertical condensation of warm gutta-percha when a large bulk of sealer is needed

2. When lateral canals are anticipated, for silver points.


1. It has excellent lubrication.

2. Has a working time of 30 minutes.

3. The recommended powder liquid (P:L) ratio is 1:1. 

4. It has a germicidal action.

Method of mixing:

Powder and liquid are mixed with a heavy spatula until homogeneity is obtained. The mixture that is obtained after spatulation apperars slightly granular due to the presence of silver. 

Disadvantages of Rickert's sealer:

1. Due to the presence of silver, it stains the tooth structure. So this sealer has to be removed from the crown area of the tooth. 

2. It has a shorter working time. 


Staining of teeth

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