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Which of the sentences is correct?


1 ) In Bone marrow WBC producing precursors are less than RBC precursors
2 ) Monocytes have a large kidney-shaped nucleus with granular cytoplasm
3 ) Neutrophils nucleus lose lobes with aging
4 ) None of the above


Myeloid series i.e. WBC precursors form 75% of bone marrow as compared to RBC. Although RBC count is 500 times more than the WBC count, turn over of WBC is more due to short life span, this is the reason for more Myeloid series in the bone marrow.

Granulocytes are Neutrophils,  Eosinophils, and Basophils and Monocytes are not granulocytes so, they do not contain granules in their cytoplasm. Monocytes have large agranular cytoplasm and small kidney-shaped nuclei.

Young Granulocytes have a horseshoe-shaped nucleus. It becomes more lobed as the age of granulocyte increases. So a number of lobes suggest the age of the granulocyte.

Most of the granulocytes contain neutrophilic granules so they neutrophils.

Eosinophils are dyed red by the "basophilic stain" or acid stain, eosin. "Basophils" are dyed blue by the acidophilic or basic stain


None of the above

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