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Which of the below are the contractile cells of salivary acini


1 ) Mucous cells
2 ) Goblet cells
3 ) Myoepithelial cells
4 ) Serous cells


Myoepithelial cells:

These are the contractile cells that lie between the plasma membrane of epithelial cells and the basal lamina of the epithelium. These cells also underlie the cells of the proximal portion of the ductal system especially salivary glands.  Myoepithelial cells contain numerous cellular processes. These cells help in the movement of the secretory products towards the excretory duct due to their cofunction. The nucleus of myoepithelial cells is small, round and present near to the basement membrane. Their contractile filaments are thin and are stained eosinophilic and these filaments are located near the basement membrane. 


Myoepithelial cells

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