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Treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning


1 ) Fresh air
2 ) Breathing CO2 rich air
3 ) Hyperbaric oxygen
4 ) None of the above


Clinical features of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Headache and nausea are present. 

Respiratory stimulation is very little, this is because chemoreceptors are not stimulated as PO2 is not reduced.

The cherry-red color of carbon monoxy hemoglobin is visible in the skin, nail beds, and mucous membranes.

Death happens if 70 to8 0% of hemoglobin is carbon monoxy hemoglobin.

Chronic carbon monoxide exposure

Brain damage, including mental changes and, sometimes, a parkinsonism-like state.

Treatment of Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Immediate termination from carbon monoxide exposure.  Ventilation with hyperbaric oxygen is preferred to fresh air. use of artificial ventilation. Hyperbaric oxygen has an effect on displacing carbon monoxide from hemoglobin so this preferred line of treatment


Hyperbaric oxygen

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