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Somatostatin inhibits all except


1 ) Growth Hormone
2 ) Thyroid-stimulating hormone
3 ) Luteinizing hormone
4 ) Adrenocorticotropic hormone


Somatostatin is secreted by hypothalamus and it is present in almost all tissues of the body. It is found more in the gastrointestinal system. Its actions are classical endocrine as wall local paracrine, it even has the function of neurotransmitter.

Somatostatin actions are mediated through five distinct receptor subtypes (sst1–5). Gastrointestinal effects are mediated by sst2 and sst5.

It inhibits the secretion of growth hormone and thyroid-stimulating hormone. It inhibits the abnormally elevated secretion of ACTH in patients with Nelson syndrome.

It inhibits the release of gastrin in the stomach thus reduce acid secretion. It inhibits the secretion of insulin and glucagon from the pancreas.


Luteinizing hormone

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