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Identify the cell types marked in cerebellum


1 ) Basket Cell
2 ) Granule cell
3 ) Golgi Cell
4 ) Purkinje cell


Cerebellar cortex

Consist of three layers from superficial to deep, molecular layer, Purkinje layer,  and granular layer. The input to cerebellum comes from mossy fibers and the climbing fibers.

Mossy fibers

Receive input from the pons and spinal cord (medulla spinal). The terminals of these cells are large. They have multiple release sites that face granule cell dendrites.

Granular cells

These are most abundant in CNS. There are more granular cells than all other cells combined in CNS. As noted above these synapse with Mossy fibers. These cells receive inhibitory input from Golgi cells terminals. These cells give rise to glutamatergic parallels fibers. These cells synapse with all cell types in the molecular layer. Synapse with Purkinje cells is to spine but for other cells  (basket cells, stellate cells, and Golgi cells) are typically not on spines, but directly onto dendritic shafts.

Climbing fibers

These are less in number difficult to identify. These synapse with double spines of more proximal dendrites of Purkinje cells.



Purkinje cell

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