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Each gram of hemoglobin saturated with oxygen in vivo (measured) contains.


1 ) 1.39ml
2 ) 1.34ml
3 ) 2.39ml
4 ) 2.34ml


When blood is saturated with 100% oxygen, each gram of hemoglobin contains 1.39ml of oxygen. Blood contains little amount of inactive hemoglobin derivatives, so in vivo measured oxygen per gram of hemoglobin 1.34ml.

Hemoglobin concentration in healthy is 15 grams/dl. In women, it is 14grmas/dl and in men 16grms/dl. So, 1 dL of blood contains 20.1 mL (1.34 mL × 15grm/dl) of oxygen.

The amount of dissolved O2 is a linear function of the PO2 (0.003 mL/dL blood/mm Hg PO2 ).



Further Reading

Pulmonary capillaries, in Vivo oxygen saturation

Hemoglobin at end of pulmonary capillaries is 97.5% saturated, this is less than 100% because of the physiological shunting.

Physiological shunting.

Slight admixture with venous blood that bypasses the pulmonary capillaries in the lungs.

Arterial blood saturation, in Vivo oxygen saturation

Hemoglobin at systemic arterial blood is 97% saturated. The arterial blood, therefore, contains a total of about 19.8 mL of O2 per dL: 0.29 mL in solution and 19.5 mL bound to hemoglobin.

Venous blood saturation, in Vivo oxygen saturation

Venous blood at rest, the hemoglobin is 75% saturated and the total O2 content is about 15.2 mL/dL: 0.12 mL in solution and 15.1 mL bound to hemoglobin.

Tissue extraction of oxygen

Tissues remove about 4.6 mL of O2 from each deciliter (dL) of blood passing through them. 0.17ml from dissolved and rest form hemoglobin.

At rest 250ml of Oxygen per minute transported to tissue by blood

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