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Anemia of chronic renal failure


1 ) Sr ferritin is decreased
2 ) Macrocytic blood picture
3 ) Severity correlates with renal failure
4 ) None of the above


Characteristic features of anemia of chronic renal failure

1. Anemia is due to decreased erythropoietin, leading to decreased red cell production.

2. Red cell survival is also reduced

3. A blood picture is normocytic normochromic.

4. This is hypoproliferative anemia

5. Serum iron, TIBC, and ferritin are normal

6. More severe the anemia more severe the chronic renal failure

7.  Dialysis does not improve anemia

8. Hemodialysis may cause iron deficiency but peritoneal dialysis does not cause iron deficiency.

9. Erythropoin is the mainstay of treating this anemia




Severity correlates with renal failure

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