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An example of a static cell population:


1 ) Blood cells
2 ) Cells of central nervous system
3 ) Periosteal cells
4 ) Dermal fibroblasts


Cell Renewal:

Based on the mitotic activity, adult somatic cells populations can be classified as:

1. Statistic cell population

2. Stable cell population

3. Renewing cell population

i) Slow renewing populations
ii) Rapidly renewing populations

1. Static cell population:

It consists of cells that do not divide anymore.

Eg: Cells of the central nervous system, cells of skeletal and cardiac muscles that divide rarely. 

2. Stable cell population:

They include cells that divide episodically at a slow rate to maintain normal tissue or any cell injury can stimulate cell renewal. 

Eg: Periosteal and perichondral cells, smooth muscle cells, endothelial cells and fibroblasts of loose connective tissue.

3. Renewing cell population:

These cells show regular mitotic activity. They may be either slowly renewing or rapidly renewing cells. 

i) Slowly renewing cells:

Eg: Smooth muscle cells of hollow organs, fibroblasts of the uterine wall, epithelial cells of the lens of the eye.

ii) Rapidly renewing cells:

Eg: Blood cells, epithelial cells, dermal fibroblasts and epithelial and subepithelial fibroblasts of the mucosal lining of the alimentary tract. 


Cells of central nervous system

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