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Among these which is not seen in Bronchiectasis


1 ) Large quantity of sputum
2 ) No sputum but hemoptysis
3 ) Amyloidosis
4 ) None of the above


Sputum in Bronchiectasis

These patients present with copious purulent foul-smelling sputum, clubbing, and hemoptysis

Bronchiectasis sicca

This is a rare condition where the patient has bronchiectasis without sputum. This may present with cough breathlessness wheeze a some times hemoptysis.


This is a group of disorders both hereditary and acquired.  There is an abnormal deposition of extracellular proteins occurs. Deposits are glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans serum amyloid. The deposition is localized or systemic.

May present as unexplained cardiomyopathy, nephrotic syndrome or peripheral neuropathy.

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Type of Amyloidosis

AL type also known as primary amyloidosis is due to a disorder of WBC's or plasma cells closely related to multiple myeloma.

AA amyloidosis occurs in association with chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatic diseases, familial Mediterranean fever, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, tuberculosis or empyema. and bronchiectasis

Hereditary Amyloidosis rare disease caused by an abnormal gene. Most common type ATTR and caused by mutations in the transthyretin (TTR). treatment is Liver transplantation.

Localized amyloidosis may involve bladder or trachea

 Dialysis-related beta2-microglobulin amyloidosis is a type of systemic amyloidosis 


None of the above

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Bronchiectasis is an abnormal and irreversible dilatation of bronchi.


Neutrophils damage the bronchus by reducing ciliary clearance following infection. This leads to an accumulation of mucus and obstruction, thus worsening the colonization of bacteria. This neutrophil plays a vital role in tissue damage leading to irreversible dilatation of bronchus.

General features

Copious foul-smelling sputum, digital clubbing, cyanosis, plethora, wasting, weight loss, crackles on auscultation of lungs, and wheeze

Types of Bronchiectasis.

Cylindrical bronchiectasis:

Bronchi are enlarged and cylindrical.

Varicose bronchiectasis:

Bronchi are irregular with areas of dilatation and constriction.

Saccular or cystic:

Dilated bronchi form clusters of cysts.

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