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All are true about Thyglycollate broth except:


1 ) Used to isolate strict anaerobes from blood
2 ) Liquid media
3 ) Aerotolerant test
4 ) Simple media


Thioglycollate broth:

It is also known as Fluid Thioglycollate Medium which was first described by Brewer.  It is a liquid, enriched media used to determine the oxygen requirements of the bacteria i.e., to check the aerotolerance of the bacteria. Based on the oxygen demand this media favors the growth of anaerobes, aerobes, microaerophilic, and fastidious micro-organisms.

This broth mainly contains sodium thioglycollate, thioglycolic acid, L-cystine, methylene blue, and 0.05% agar.  The sodium thioglycollate, thioglycolic acid, and L-cystine reduce the oxygen to water. Methylene blue is an indicator for determining the aerobic or anaerobic environment based on the change in its color. Agar helps to retard the oxygen diffusion and also aids in maintaining the stratification of organisms growing in different layers of the media.

Growth interpretation:

1. Obligate aerobes will only grow in the top layer of the broth which is oxygen-rich.

2. Obligate anaerobes will only grow in the bottom areas of the media where there is an anaerobic environment. 

3. Microaerophiles will grow as a thin layer just below the topmost oxygen-rich layer. 

4. Facultative anaerobes grow throughout the medium.  


Simple media

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