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All are the symptoms of hypochlorite accident except:


1 ) Immediate swelling
2 ) Ecchymosis
3 ) Immediate severe pain
4 ) Fever


Sodium hypochlorite accident:

Sodium hypochlorite is commonly used root canal irrigant. When there is an apical extrusion of this irrigant into the peri radicular areas results in the so-called sodium hypochlorite accident. It was first reported in 1974 by Becker et al. Clinically it is presented as:

1. Immediate severe pain

2. Immediate swelling

3. There may be serous or bloody discharge from the peri radicular area. 

4. Ecchymosis or bluish-black discolorization may develop after a day or two. 

Management of hypochlorite accident:

Management is more supportive and palliative. Assure the patient that it will take a week or a couple of weeks to heal. 

1. The first part of management is to irrigate the canal with normal saline to dilute the effects of NaOCl in peri radicular area. 

2. Leave the canal open for one day so that all the discharge will come out. Then give cold compressions for one day. 

3. After 24hours patient can start with a warm saline rinse. 

4. Give the patient antibiotics, analgesics, and steroids. 

5. Monitor the patient periodically. 



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